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Listen to Sample: Lita's Mind

Lita's Mind Massage II - This is Lita's voice track from her original "Garden Massage" Series. This 3 Audio Set is Excellent if You are a Fan of Her Original Unscripted Voice.

Massage Zone - This 3 audio set takes you into sensual massage nirvana. Get a private massage session with Lita. Includes the legendary "Warm Soapy Foot Massage" audio. Try it Now!

Lita's Original Mind Massage - This is the audio from Lita's very first YouTube massage video sessions. If your a fan of Lita's, this pure and soothing voice audio is a must have.

Listen to Sample: Tropical Tranquilizer

Tropical Tranquilizer Package - Take a vacation from your stress and worries by drifting off under warm breezes and star filled skys. Lita guides you deeply into restful sleep.

Listen to Sample: Warm Herbal

Warm Herbal Facial - Sit back, relax, and "feel" as Lita pampers you as if you were in a Spa - a Mind Spa that is. You will feel like you are getting VIP treatment from Lita herself.

Chakra Sunset - Enjoy a tranquil journey as Lita guides you on an audio meditation. This meditation will balance your mind, body and soul.


Ultimate Massage Download 3 Video Set

Litamassagevideoinstructions1For those of you who want to learn the absolute best moves, strokes and techniques that I have used on my clients in my 20 year massage therapy career, this 3 video download set will show you how.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional, you will learn my top client proven secrets to giving the most excellent massage possible.

A few of the Massage Types you will learn:

• How to give a relaxing massage

• Shiatsu Massage

• Accupressure Facial


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More Relaxing Audios

Listen to Sample: Chakra Sunset

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Get to Sleep Easily With My Best
Selling Sleep Audio Programs
(Instant Download MP3 Audios)


Lita's Massage - Let me whisper in your ears while I give you a totally relaxing massage from head to toe. This two audio set will make you tingle with delight as you drift away into restful sleep.

Lita's Whispers - Soft, Gentle, Intimate and Soothing. This Two Audio Set Will Take You Deeply Into Sleep. You'll love every minute as you slip quickly into ZZZZZzzzzzz's.

Listen to Sample: Lita's Whispers
Listen to Sample: Massage Whispers

LitaSmileCutout1a Hi, I'm Lita

Since 2007, I've helped thousands of people world-wide just like you, to conquer their insomnia and stress related problems, so that they start getting the sleep and relaxation they deserve.

Just by simply listening to my soft voice on my programs, you will be treated to the most loving, intimate relaxation and sleep sessions you will ever experience. And like most people who use them, you will be pleasantly relieved of your anxieties and tensions from the very moment you begin listening. And, before you know it, you will be drifting off into a deep, satisfying and nourishing nights sleep.

So, if you're in need of some serious sleep, or even just a tension releasing relaxation break, give my audios a try - I know you will be pleasantly surprised.

My 100% Money Back Guarantee: If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any of my audio or video programs, I will cheerfully refund every penny of your purchase back to you.

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